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Glow up Without the Burn: Self-tanner vs. Traditional Tanning

As summer approaches, we all crave a Sunkissed look. Personally, I like to achieve this by using an at home sunless tanning mouse rather than subjecting myself to potentially damaging my skin. Going to a sunbed is an option, but the dangers of UV exposure from the tanning beds are well known. At home self-tanners are a great alternative to getting a tan without risking skin damage from the sun or tanning beds. Here are just a few of the many benefits:

1. Safety: Sun and tanning beds cause skin damage and increase the risk of skin cancer. Self-tanners do not contain UV rays and are safe for the skin.

2. Convenience: At home tanning mouses can be used at home and at any time. There is no worry of if the sun is out, if it’s a rainy day, or if the tanning salon is open.

3. Cost Effective: Tanning at a salon can be expensive! Before completely switching to self-tanners, I have personally spent over $100 in a month on trying to look tan!

4. No tan lines: Using an at home self-tanner means that you can choose where to put it and where not to put it. Tan lines can easily be avoided.

5. Easy to use: Although it may take some practice to get just right, using a self-tanner is very easy and doesn’t take much time out of your weekly routine! I spend less time applying my self-tanner than I would spend in the salon and most definitely less time than sitting in the sun.

In conclusion, I encourage you to use an at home self-tanner rather than potentially damaging your skin this year. In 2023 we are all about skin care and self-care, and this is just one step of the journey! Here is a link to my all-time favorite self-tanning mouse on Amazon:

Tanologist on Amazon for $17.99

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